Step 1

Add Liquidity Provider token (LP) to PancakeSwap via this link

Step 2

Paste your TxID in the field below and click "Submit" to lock the liquidity

Step 3

At the end of the locking period, unstake/restake your RNB


Your LP will be locked into a smart contract for the entire duration of the staking period without the possibility of early release

Staking summary

Locked LP tokens:


Max. APY:



After clicking “Submit”, you will need to approve 3 popups on your MetaMask wallet. It can take about 20 seconds for the transactions to process between the popups, so be patient (There’s no need to click the “Submit” button multiple times)

- If you refresh the page, you will need to reconnect with MetaMask
- It can take about a minute for your stake to sync with MetaMask and display below


By clicking Submit, I understand and accept that my provided liquidity will be locked for a period of 3 months and hereby agree to the program's terms, the Terms & Conditions, and the Privacy Policy


Unstaking is only possible at the end of the 3 months locking period. To earn the maximum staking reward - rejoin the staking program consecutively

After connecting to MetaMask, it can take about a minute for your staking data to load and display, please wait.